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Excellent schools and restaurants with a small town feel. These active beach communities are conveniently located with very desirable real estate opportunities. 


Its population is larger than 40 states and covers 4,083 square miles. There are a wealth of opportunities to be had. See what's hot in LA.


Gary Lipsky partners with several real estate professionals to bring his clients opportunities throughout California and Beyond. Find some US real estate hot spots.  


We learn what your goals, risk tolerance and parameters are to help formulate an individualized plan to maximize upside for you. We work tirelessly to provide options that fit your needs. We guide you through each step of the process to make the transaction as smooth as possible and to minimize stress. Our goal is that we are your real estate advisor for life.

  • Individualized

    Everyone is different, you will be given a plan made specific for you.

  • Stress Free

    We hate stress too, so we make the process as smooth as possible.

  • Relationship-Centered

    Our goal is to be your partner for life. 


As a successful real estate investor, Gary knows how to look for value and market opportunities. Gary is not pretending to know real estate investing, he has lived the experience himself. He’s a lifelong learner who enjoys helping others reach financial freedom. As a founding board member of a non-profit that helps increase and broaden educational opportunities for older youth, you can trust his integrity, passion and excellent collaboration. 


Gary Lipsky

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